​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cooking It Up ​With the Carles

​​​​Cooking It Up with the Carles

Cooking it Up With the Carles
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Ed & Tina

​​Together, Ed and Tina are a professional catering team with a passion for delicious, high-quality cuisine.  For superior, personalized catering services in Canyon Lake, San Antonio and Austin, Texas surrounding areas. Call Cooking it up with the Carles to discuss your catering needs.

Ed Carle
Ed was born and raised in Texas. Wild Game and dishes made with butter and cream bring back fond memories of the Carle family’s cookbook, "Pound Cake for Breakfast".
In it Ed says, “Every recipe starts with a pound of butter.” Of course, even the Carle’s have become health conscious over the last 30 years. Ed’s earliest experiences in the kitchen involved cooking for large dinner parties and family gatherings over an open fire, using Dutch ovens and cast iron cookware. Later, Ed was crowned the "King of Wild Game" and then went on to perfecting smoked meats, towing his smoker to many dinner parties and barbeque cook-offs. Ed’s briskets are legendary and friends and neighbors say his herb-stuffed pork loin and “Dove Rolls” are to die for.


​Tina Carle
Growing up in New England with the influence and inspiration of an Italian grandmother, Tina discovered her passion for cooking special seafood and authentic Italian dishes. Throughout her time in New York City and traveling, she added a variety of cuisines and styles to her repertoire, working in 5-star restaurants and learning from chefs with a variety of backgrounds and training.

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